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Parallel Tracks share insights and find answers to future challenges, encompassing a variety of projects and initiatives that leverage the power of ideas.


All participants will be together for our keynote sessions and then you’ll have the choice between various tracks to focus on the issues you need solved.
JANUARY 17. 2019


JANUARY 18. 2019



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The biggest concerns about working with AI are poor communication, being hard to work with, and inconsistent performance.

This track discusses how AI has the power to take teamwork to the next level, but it cannot be a crutch for dysfunctional teams. If we don’t fix our teams now, imagine what will happen when we add in AI?

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CryptoValley has the potential to have an impact in the whole corporate world.

This track will be presented in four blocks: IoT & Decentralized Data Marketplaces; Self Sovereign Identity on the Blockchain; Scalability and Micropayments; Future of Token Economy and Cryptocurrencies

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Global Talent Summit

The Global Talent Summit (GTS) is the premier space for multi-disciplinary stakeholders from the private sector, policy, academia/education, and innovation.

This track presents a discussion of the trends and solutions for the future of work and education, and for closing the global skills gap.

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Digital Health

Rising costs, conflicting interests, societal trade-offs: health systems worldwide face fundamental challenges.

In this context, McKinsey & Company launches a new platform in conjunction with ETH Zurich, that assembles digital health shapers from around the world.

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Food Chain

The food-chain is full of digital opportunities through cooperation.

This track places special focus on the supply chain of food, enabled by AI, sustainable farming, and digital recipes.

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Internet of Things has the potential to completely reinvent how property is developed in the future.

This track focuses on the rise of smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities. All will all create exponential big data. What will real estate stakeholders do with it all?

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Future of marketing

Driven by new technologies that enable cheaper, quicker and more measurable campaigns, marketers are increasingly focusing on the short-term and on delivering immediate results.

This track aims at exploring the pitfalls of short-termism and the latest trends that build long-term brand equity.

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The digital revolution will lead to the evolution of richer experiences in tourism. Already the sharing economy and social media has made independent tourism a much more accessible lifestyle expense.

This track will focus on digital integration of physical and digital tourism experiences.

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Living Business

Living Businesses unlock sustained growth by continuously adapting to the evolving needs of their customers to achieve total relevance.

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Who will define the future of automotive? Carmakers or software engineers? Will the experience steer towards computer-enabled vehicles or engine-enabled computers?

This track will consider the possibilities of future mobility, including micro-mobility,  mass transit, and emerging trends.

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Track board

Each track is comprised of a board of experts at the forefront of changes in their industry.